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About This Course

Our In-Company photography and image editing training covers ONLY the areas relevant to your needs. This training service is ideal for companies who wish to bring their photography in-house. It is also ideal for those wishing to start their own photography business, but need to fill in some of the gaps in their knowledge.

One to One photography and photo editiing training for key staff members  
One to One photography and photo editing training for key staff members. All you need on your end is a couple of mobile devices logged into your Zoom account

Our training can be either camera or software focused or a bit of both; you decide. Advice on equipment and software purchases can also be supplied.

From dentists to furniture manufacturers, from shoe stores to fixing manufacturers to jewelers, we work with a comprehensive range of businesses. Our primary goal is to train with the equipment you already have while supplying advice on any extras that might be necessary.

Training OPTIONS

As one of our regular trainers is fond of saying, "the beauty of our corporate training system is that we don't try to teach them photography, we just teach them about the 10 step process they need to get great photos of their products'. It is a particular joy to us when we see such fast learning.

Our training covers camera, lighting, and the Adobe image editing software options (Lightroom, Photoshop, and Elements).

  Fully functional TV studio with multiple video camera feeds lets us train you directly, no matter where in the world you are
Spacer Fully functional TV studio with multiple video camera feeds lets us train you directly, no matter where in the world you are


Up to 25 people can attend these training sessions. Half-day and full-day sessions are available.


Our Live Web training can be delivered directly to your meeting/training room or each member/staff's home office. We can also accommodate a mix, where some are at HQ, and some are dialed in from a remote location. We are happy to work with whatever is best for you.

We utilize our Live TV Studio to deliver all of our training. Our studio is set up with a three-camera feed, including a professionally lit, cutaway camera, to more easily show details on equipment and a primary camera so our tutor can properly interact with all participants.

For intense one-to-one training, along with the standard screen sharing option in Zoom, all you need is to dial in one or two mobile devices to your account (these will work on a single Zoom account). This way, we get live visual feedback on how the training is going with your staff.

We can teach throughout most time zones.

CONTACT & Booking

Please pop us an email on to set up a Zoom chat where we can discuss your requirements.Spacer

Every Live Web session comes with the following benefits:
-Live Interaction-
A live training room in your space!
-Live Critique-
Immediate feedback on your images
Each session is downloadable after
-All Devices-
Desktop, laptop
& smart devices
-Free Tips-
Even after
session is over
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