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Photoshop/Elements Level 1 - Beginners (PSL1)

Aimed at those who want to learn from scratch how to use Photoshop® or Photoshop Elements® to correct and enhance their photos - no previous knowledge required

10 Modules/68 Segments


This Photoshop/Elements Level 1 Beginners Course aims to show the complete beginner how to properly use Photoshop® or Photoshop Elements® to make sure your digital photographs come out looking their best.

High Resolution original source files will be supplied to each student so you can work on the same photos that are in the notes and that the tutor is working on as well. We believe this approach is a significant aid to learning what are very complex programmes.

Instead of the "This tool has this effect - now find ways to use it" school of teaching, we have deliberately taken a Project based approach, geared to match how most people want to work on their shots. What are the various tools for making skin better? What are the tools to lighten the sky? Learn when these and other tools should be used, even learn when they should not be used!

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