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Lightroom Level 1 - Beginners (LRL1)

Aimed at those who want learn how to use Lightroom to catalogue and enhance all of their photos - no previous knowledge required

8 Modules/45 Segments

The Digital Photography Level 1 - Foundation Course is made up of 7 separate sessions. It is aimed squarely at people who are currently only using Auto Mode,and would like to gently ease themselves into using some simple techniques and buttons that will help improve all of their photographs.

This courses does not require any prior knowlege of caemras or computers, and will not discuss advanced modes such as Manual, or talk about Photoshop. This is a photography course that concentrates on simple things that help you, immediately, without you having to become a rocket scientist.

Any kind of digital camera is suitable for this course including SLRs, Compact Cameras and Bridge Cameras (see here for information on the different types).

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