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Dusk Photography - Beginners (DPC1)

Learn how to take great pictures at dusk and at night time

3 Modules/15 Segments


In this course, which is aimed at those who want to start taking pictures at dusk and at night time, Dave McKane, the Principal of the IOP Online, will bring you through all that he has learned over 20 years or so. Like many people, he started out capturing cityscapes at night-time, until he discovered the magic of the ‘Blue Moment’, that special time after sunset when cameras record an iridescent blue in the dusk sky.

Learn Key Camera & Creative Techniques

Through Dave’s examples of his own dusk photography from around the world, you will learn how to research and identify special locations that are likely to result in great dusk shots. You will also learn the professional photographer’s tips and techniques on how to set the camera up to ensure you get pin sharp shots every time.

In this special course you will also learn about how to use ‘light trails’ (the light from car headlights and tail lights) to add an extra special feel to any dusk or night shot.

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