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Studio Lighting Level 1
Launching Fall 2020
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6 Hours - 7 Modules - 68 Segments - Fee $80
  STUDIO LIGHTING LEVEL 1 - Beginner Level Course


Studio lighting is a highly technical area, requiring a working knowledge of the exposure triangle (how shutters, apertures, & ISO all come together). This course covers all the key aspects of lighting, including the use of manual mode in the camera.

About The Course

This is a studio lighting taster course for those who might have a little interest in this area but are not sure if it might be over their head. It is aimed at those who wish to dip their toe in the world of Studio Photography.

We will show you how studio light works and the way the lighting is set up for good portraits. The course will cover 1, 2 and 3 light set ups in both high key and low key lighting situations including the use of reflectors and deflectors.

To get the most out of this course your camera must have Manual Controls and ideally should have an external Hot Shoe. Due to the limited range of apertures on many Compact Cameras an SLR or SLR Bridge camera is best suited for this course (see here for more information about camera types).

Full color, Illustrated PDF Tutorial Notes

Full color, illustrated PDF tutorial notes which are carefully worded and appropriately illustrated are an integral part of our courses. Because lectures tend to have an effect which lasts only a short while, particularly if no notes are given out, we believe our handouts are the key to making your newly gained knowledge much more long-lasting. As part of that philosophy, you will receive detailed notes covering the whole course that will both aid learning both while on the course and in the weeks and months afterwards. These will be made available to you for immediate download once the course is purchased.

This course is made up of Modules and Segments

This course is made up of various modules, each of which has a number of video segments that set out to explain individual elements of the main topic.

Understanding Modules

Every module is designed to stand on its own, covering the overall topic that the title of the module suggests, but it may benefit from the modules that come before it. Whether it is possible to watch modules out of sequence depends on your own previous experience with this topic.

Understanding Segments

Each module has a number of video segments, each of which correspond to a particular page in every set of tutorial notes. These segments concentrate on a specific topic relevant to that particular module. They are also great for quick recaps at a later stage. Spacer

MODULE 1 Overview: Posing The Subject
Segment 01 Zoom To 65/100mm And Put The Head To The Top
Segment 02 Focus On The Nearest Eye, Lock Focus, Re-Compose
Segment 03 Crop Between Joints
Segment 04 Angle The Subject Away From The Camera
Segment 05 Take Lots Of Shots
MODULE 2 Overview: Equipment & Settings
Segment 01 A Flash Meter Measures The Quick Light Of Flash
Segment 02 Flash Sync Socket Or Adaptors Fire Studio Flashes
Segment 03 Camera Settings For Studio Flash
Segment 04 Flash Power Settings
Segment 05 A Quick Way To Batch Color Correct Shots
MODULE 3 Overview: High Key Lighting
Segment 01 45 Degrees Key Light With And Without Reflector
Segment 02 90 Degrees Key Light With And Without Reflector
Segment 03 45 Degrees Key Light And 45 Degrees Fill Light
Segment 04 45 Degrees Key Light, 45 Degrees Fill Light And Back Light
MODULE 4 Overview: Low Key Lighting
Segment 01 45 Degrees Key Light With And Without Reflector
Segment 02 45 Degrees Key Light With Black Deflector
Segment 03 45 Degrees Key Light And 45 Degrees Fill Light
Segment 04 45 Degrees Key Light, 45 Degrees Fill Light And Rim Light
MODULE 5 Where to from here?
Course Tutor: Dave McKane
Course Tutor: Dave McKane

The tutor for this course is a fine art photographer, Dave McKane. Over the years, he has owned and used over 30 cameras, covering all of the major brands. He is well versed in almost every camera available on the market today. Dave started teaching photography in 1985, and set up the Institute of Photography in 2005 (now the IOP-Online), since then, he has taught over 20,000 students. He has also been the lead trainer for both Canon and Nikon.

Dave has vast experience in the field of using photography as a creative expressive medium. He has held multiple exhibitions of his own photography, mainly in the United States.

Dave graduated with honors from a 3 Year Photography Course in Dublin, Ireland, in 1985, and has over 35 years of experience in creative photography. He received his first film SLR in 1982 and has owned many darkrooms. Dave was early to adopt the use of a scanner (1989), Photoshop (1993), his first digital camera (2002), and Lightroom (2007).

His favorite saying? "It depends..."

Dave believes that there is only one answer to every question in photography. When he is asked what lens to get, "it depends"; the best flash; best camera; best tripod. He feels he is not being trite with this answer, simply because there is no "best." With flash, for example, a good one might not be available for your camera, so he needs to know the camera first. With lenses, he needs to understand what your budget is.

Dave's work can be seen in the following places: Website | Facebook | Flickr | Instagram | Twitter
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Course Code SLL1-O
Modules 5 Modules/23 Segments
Learning Hours 3 Hours
Course Fee $80
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