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  Recorded Photography Courses!

We have put together an exciting 2021/22 rollout schedule of our most popular courses. If you take each of these courses, then your photography skills will reach astonishing levels, all in less than a year! Even if you have a reasonable level of knowledge, there is still something here for you.

All of our courses have been taken by thousands of classroom students since we were first established in 2005, so we know they work. They have all been continuously updated since then to take account of new options that became available. We are incredibly proud to offer them all as Recorded Courses aimed at a worldwide audience!

Dates for all our Recorded Courses are available at this link. All courses are open for booking now.Spacer

Total Price (All 13)* $1,380 €1,140 £1,010
Bundle Price (All 13)*
End Jul $395 €327 £295
End Aug $495 €410 £365
End Sep $595 €495 £440
End Oct $695 €575 £515
End Nov $795 €660 £590
End Dec $895 €740 £660

Get 13 courses at an Amazing Bundle price!

We have put together astonishing bundle prices for all 13 courses. These prices are so cheap, that even if you only want half of the courses in this set, you will still save a huge amount of money! All special offers are available in the booking section of each course.

But, be quick! The bundle price increases as each month passes!

Click here for more information on our Amazing Bundle Deals.

*Choice of either Photoshop Level 1 OR Elements Level 1. Content wise, these are exactly the same course, but because the interface on the 2 programs differs significantly they have to be recorded as separate courses.Spacer

  Download our fun photography memes!
Download our fun photography memes

We searched the internet for some of the coolest photography quotes out there, and added in some of the sayings we use in our own classrooms (virtual and recorded).

They are all designed to clearly show the wit of the saying, and can be easily downloaded. Feel free to share them on your own social media pages!

Click here to see our full list of fun photography memes.Spacer

Personalized One-To-One Training  

Personalized One-To-One Training

A pre-set course can be a limitation when you already know what you want. Our personalized one-to-one training means we teach you what you need to know. This training option is designed to be most efficient with your time, targetting only the things you want.

We can even go live with you on photography field trips of all kinds.

SpacerClick here for more information on our One-To-One Training Options.Spacer

  Personalized In-Company Training

Personalized In-Company Training

Our personalized In-Company photography and image editing training covers ONLY the areas relevant to your needs. This training service is ideal for companies who wish to bring their photography in-house. It is also ideal for those wishing to start their own photography business, but need to fill in some of the gaps in their knowledge. Spacer

Click here for more information on our In-Company Training Options.Spacer

Design Your Own Course  

Design Your Own Course

This teaching option is aimed at providing just the photography tips your organization needs. This kind of training is ideal for social groups who want to provide opportunities for members to expand their creative side.

We have a wide range of photography courses, from short ones covering specific topics, to longer, more developmental ones. We also have lighting and photo editing training options. Any of these can be delivered to you as is, but you can also pick and choose from different modules to create a course specific to your needs.Spacer

Click here for more information on how to design your own photography course.Spacer

Free Photo and Software Tips

With so many courses, and hundreds of pages of tutorial notes, we have a lot of tips! We have taken a single tip from 15 different courses, and put them here for you to enjoy. The tips are available as web pages (click the links in the chart below), or as a downloadable PDF from this link.Spacer

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Dusk Photography Flash - On Camera Macro Photography
Beginners Photography Flash - Wireless Phone Photography
Intermediate Photography HDR Photography Photoshop CC
Creative Photography Landscape Photography Photoshop Elements
Advanced Photography Lightroom Classic Street Photography

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